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Noisy Snacks consolidates all their sales to identify opportunities and drive growth.

Data Integrations:

The Problem

Dispersed and Fragmented data lead to poor decision making.

Noisy Snacks faced a challenge in consolidating sales data from various sources, including offline invoiced sales to retailers and wholesalers, and online sales from their Shopify webstore and Amazon. This data was dispersed across different platforms, leading to inefficiencies in data retrieval and analysis. Manually downloading and manipulating data to generate reports was time-consuming and hindered decision-making processes.

Sontai has enabled us to integrate all of our business and finance models which gives us ease of access to our data, all in one place.
Neil Hubbard
Commercial Director, Noisy Snacks
The Solution

Leveraging Sontai allowed Noisy Snacks to get one source of the truth.

To address the data fragmentation issue, Noisy Snacks implemented Sontai's unified dashboard solution. By using Sontai, all sales data, whether from offline or online channels, could be seamlessly integrated into a single dashboard. This consolidation allowed for a holistic view of sales performance across different channels and simplified the reporting process for the company.

Sontai has step changed how we view and understand our business performance.
Neil Hubbard
Commercial Director, Noisy Snacks
The Results

Clear, more accurate data leads to strategic growth.

As a result of implementing Sontai, Noisy Snacks experienced a transformation in their data management practices. The unified dashboard provided by Sontai enabled Noisy Snacks to access a comprehensive and real-time overview of their sales data. By eliminating the need for manual data manipulation and consolidation, the company saved valuable time and resources that were previously spent on generating reports. This shift towards a single source of truth enhanced data accuracy, streamlined operational efficiency, and empowered Noisy Snacks to make informed business decisions based on reliable insights.

By leveraging Sontai's solution, Noisy Snacks was able to optimise their data integration processes, uncover actionable insights, and drive strategic growth within their organisation.

One Source of the Truth
Hours Saved Each Week in Manual Downloads
Hours Saved Each Week in Manual Downloads
Greater Insights into Products and Channels
Greater Insights into Products and Channels
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