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Reckitt creates unified view of their Market Performance

Data Integrations:

The Problem

With many brands across many categories, getting to grips with their market data created problems for Reckitt.

With many market-leading brands across a range of product categories, Reckitt faced a challenge in consolidating all their market data from various data providers, such as Nielsen and Dunnhumby, to get a clear view of product performance in the market. The data obtained from these sources was in different formats, requiring manual manipulation to align and analyse the information before creating static PowerPoint slides that could be shared with the key stakeholders in their business.

This process was time-consuming and inefficient, often requiring hours of effort whenever data updates were needed. Reckitt needed a solution that could bring all their market data together from multiple systems into a single, consistent source to streamline their market performance analysis.

With Sontai we have developed a number of business critical reporting solutions and some best in class data visualisations.
Martin Delaney
Trade & Category Development Manager, Reckitt Ireland
The Solution

Sontai provides consolidation, automation and standardisation.

To address the data fragmentation and manipulation challenges, Reckitt implemented Sontai's solution. By leveraging Sontai, they were able to unify market data from different data providers, categories, and brands into a single source. Sontai's technology automated the process of aligning and processing the data, saving significant amounts of time previously spent on manual manipulation. This streamlined approach eliminated the need for Reckitt's teams to spend hours bringing data into the same format.

Sontai then displayed the category information in a suite of interactive dashboards that provided a consistent approach to all their market data, allowing them to access the required information much more efficiently.

Sontai is a brilliant support to our business.
Martin Delaney
Trade & Category Development Manager, Reckitt Ireland
The Results

Clearer, interactive reports delivered faster and more accurately than before.

Reckitt's adoption of Sontai's solution brought about transformative results in their market data management processes. By consolidating and automating the data alignment and processing tasks, Reckitt freed up valuable time for their teams, saving hours of effort each time market data needed to be updated. This time-saving approach enabled Reckitt to process more frequent data updates, ensuring they had access to the most up-to-date market performance metrics.

Furthermore, the utilisation of a single, consistent source for market data enhanced Reckitt's ability to analyse market performance effectively. The elimination of manual manipulation and the automation offered by Sontai's solution reduced the risk of human error, ensuring accurate and reliable insights for decision-making. With more timely and accurate market performance information at their disposal, Reckitt gained a competitive edge, enabling them to make informed business decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Fully automated data processing and updating.
Greater Insights and standardisation across categories.
Greater Insights and standardisation across categories.
Increased data awareness and access across the organisation.
Increased data awareness and access across the organisation.
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