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FMCG Category Performance

Stay ahead with our in-depth market data analysis dashboard.

Empower every member of your team to effortlessly access vital market metrics without the need for manual reports and slide creation.

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Discover How Sontai Transforms Category Reporting.

Sontai offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline access to your category data. Give everyone in your organisation access to the most up to date information, and enhance decision-making accuracy.

Ensure access to the most current data.

With Sontai, you can rest assured that all users are accessing the latest data as soon as it's available. Our platform automatically updates reports and metrics as soon as you upload new data, ensuring that your team is always working with the most current information. This immediate access to the freshest data helps you make timely, informed decisions that drive business success.

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Comprehensive Metrics at Your Fingertips.

With over 40+ metrics available, our Category Market Performance dashboard provides an extensive range of data points, including critical rate of sale and distribution metrics. Easily access and interpret these metrics through our user-friendly, interactive dashboards. This comprehensive visibility ensures you have all the information you need to make informed, strategic decisions for your business.

Manage access to your reports effectively.

Our platform empowers category managers with precise control over report accessibility. You can easily designate which users have access to specific reports, ensuring that the right data reaches the right people. This targeted approach eliminates the risk of unauthorised access and maintains the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

Sontai Category Performance Report.png
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How it works.


Upload Your Data

Upload your latest category data from either IRI or Nielsen into Sontai and sit back.


Open Your Dashboard

Your data will be pulled onto your dashboard and calculated automatically.  Simple.


Drive Decisions

Analyse your data in your new dashboard, and use it to make decisions and drive action across your business.

Hear from the people that use Sontai everyday.

Sontai has step changed how we view and understand our business performance.


Sontai has enabled us to integrate all of our business and finance models which gives us ease of access to our data, all in one place.

Neil H

Super easy to setup and gives a great overview of what's happening across several sales channels.

Mehdi B

Sontai has consolidated our reporting needs from all our systems into one user-friendly dashboard, reducing the time we spend on manual reporting each week.

Aoife N

Sontai gives us an amazing quick glance overview of our business and key KPIs.


So much easier than logging into dozens of different systems!

Rob E

Sontai is trusted by brands all over the world.
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  • What market data can I connect to Sontai?
    Sontai is able to connect to either IRI or Nielsen data through a raw data export that you upload into the platform. The raw data extract will provide us with all the data that is fed into the report.
  • How do I upload my new category data to Sontai?
    When you have new category data available, you can use our 'File Upload' feature to simply load in your data in the required format. This will then be automatically refreshed onto your reports so that everyone has access to the latest data.
  • What metrics are included in the Category Performance Report?
    Our report includes over 40+ metrics, including value, volume, units, rate of sale and distribution metrics. You can also pick between commonly used time periods to provide comprehensive market insights.
  • How many people can we add to the Sontai platform?
    There are no user limits on Sontai. You can add anyone in your business without incurring additional costs.
  • Can I customise who has access to specific reports?
    Yes, our platform allows category managers to control user access, ensuring the right data reaches the right people.
  • How easy is it to navigate the interactive dashboards?
    Our intuitive interface makes it simple to navigate and analyse various metrics, enabling quick and effective decision-making no matter how confident people are with the market data.
  • How does pricing work for the Sontai Category Report?
    The Sontai Category Performance Report is priced per country / category. So you only pay for each category you have. For example, if you have data for two countries this would be classed as two data sources. You can see more about pricing on our dedicated pricing page.
  • Is there a trial period available before I commit to a subscription?
    Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial so you can explore our features and see how our solution fits your business needs before making a commitment.
Start Your 7 Day Free Trial Today!

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