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Automation – the next step in business evolution.

Automation is when you take two weeks of manual labour and reduce it to five minutes. But, of course, even five minutes is generous here, with at least four of those minutes used for Wi-Fi issues and resetting the modem.

The manual labour here refers to the amount of time and effort, on average, that ‘human’ report creators take to manipulate large amounts of data by copying, pasting, and checking spreadsheets.

The industry average for sales teams to receive progress reports is two weeks due to manual data-crunching. However, massive corporations can generate reports on everything, from arrival and departure times to even the number of cups of coffee the cafeteria has spilt, all in a matter of seconds.

Hidden behind the guise of price and processing power, those corporations are given an edge in the business world, becoming more prominent and faster than the small businesses in the same industries.

The launch of a new product is exciting news. However, per sales patterns, a company can quickly know if they should continue to supply the product per the demand or refrain from ordering any more stock as the sales trajectory doesn’t match up.

Large corporations can do this ‘calculation’ in minutes. However, the smaller businesses may have to wait a few weeks or even a month before knowing if the marketing gimmick works. And as this timeframe continues through the year, the small business remains in the shadow of the corporation longer still, always playing catch-up.

It is all about automating the data processing steps, saving time and effort while improving accuracy and reliability.

With technological advances, both ‘low code’ and ‘no code’ technologies can help remove the manual steps people use to create reports. These solutions can yield a return on investment by giving time back to the report creators from the outset and can help improve confidence in the information.

The guise of price and processing power falls away when you apply the right data solution for your business needs.

The thing is that this is just one small example of the power of automation, and as you can see, it is, without doubt, the next step in the evolutionary business journey.

Suppose you’re still using manual tactics to process your data for reporting and find that your competitors quickly get ahead of you. In that case, you may want to consider automating your data-driven reports. And, you should know, it is much more affordable than you may think.

We at Sontai can assist you in getting started and taking the fight for business dominance to the big league. So, get in touch with us today to find out how.


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