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Sontai are looking to hire a passionate data analyst to support us on our mission of helping companies drive growth through data. The successful candidate would analyse data to provide our clients with valuable information that they can use to improve sales, marketing and operational business practices, as well as monitor ongoing performance. The main duties will include identifying, gathering, analysing data and making their insights accessible through easy-to-understand business intelligence reports, written reports and presentations to enable our clients to make data driven decisions.

Core responsibilities

  • Organising and transforming datasets

  • Performing statistical analysis and interpretation of data

  • Monitoring data quality and accuracy

  • Communicating with stakeholders to understand data content and business requirements

  • Developing and managing business intelligence solutions for clients

  • Providing reports through office applications and presenting these to management or clients

  • Creating and maintaining documentation that includes the design, requirements and user manuals for the organisation

This is a permanent full time role, office based in Maynooth, Ireland, with flexible work at home options. Training & personal development opportunities are available.

€26,000 per annum

Key skills & experience

  • High levels of attention to detail when working with data in order to make accurate conclusions and predictions

  • A solid understanding of data sources, data organisation and storage

  • Strong IT, mathematical and problem solving skills

  • In-depth knowledge of statistical methodologies and data analysis techniques

  • Excellent verbal and written communication, listening and presentation skills

  • The ability to work both as a team and independently

  • Power BI experience preferable

About Sontai

Having spent 15 years working with large multinational FMCG brands, analysing, visualising and bringing their vast amounts of data to life, Chris Farr knew how important data can be to driving the key business decisions in an organisation and drive growth for their businesses.

But he also knew that many smaller companies didn’t always have the in house expertise to help them process, organise and really maximise their data.

Having seen the problems that businesses encountered with data, Chris wanted to help. So, in 2018, Chris founded Sontai with one aim - bringing his data analytics skills to smaller businesses to help them grow.

Since then Sontai has partnered dozens of businesses to help them process and visualise their data, so they can spend less time in spreadsheets, manipulating data, and more time unlocking the power within their data, helping them make more informed decisions to grow their sales.


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