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June 2023 - App Update

This month's app update includes:

1. New Credit Overview Summary

2. Updated Customer Search Page

3. New Data Connector - QuickBooks

4. General Bug Fixes

New Credit Overview Summary

We have introduced the first part of our Credit Control report updates that will see the Credit Control report be redesigned to provide more insight into your finance credits. This first update introduces a Credit Summary page which provides an overview of both Aged Debts (How much you are owed) and Aged Credit (How much other people owe you).

This summary will be enhanced in the coming months and further detail added, but the summary page will allow for visualising both key metrics side by side, which previously wasn't possible.

Updated Customer Search Page

Within the Customer Orders report the Customer Search has been enhanced again this month to include additional filters. The introduction of the new filters is designed to help you narrow down the customers not only by their sales channel or customer group but now by when they last purchased from you and what they purchased.

Adding these additional filters will allow you to identify customers that you want to take a closer look at, faster.

New Data Connector - QuickBooks

This month we are pleased to announce that the QuickBooks data connector for Sontai is now generally available. This new connector will automatically connect to QuickBooks to pull in the sales data for the reports and merge the data alongside any other systems that you have connected, like eCommerce or Point of Sale.

General Bug Fixes

As usual, we have also implemented some background fixes and front-end design tweaks to ensure that your reports are running as well as possible and are as intuitive as possible to use.

If you find any bugs in the system, don't forget to report them so we can fix them.


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