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March 23 - App Update

This months app update includes:

NEW Orders Report

This month sees the introduction of a new Orders Report. This orders report allows you to view orders for one customer, showing you their last order detail or all of their orders in a simple and easy-to-see layout.

This report is designed to help customer management so you can keep on top of each customer when orders are being placed, no more looking through systems to see when the last order was and what was ordered. Much easier to see and much more actionable.

There is even a predicted next order date available, which is based on previous order history, so you know if an order should have been placed already, so you can chase and make sure you maximise every order.

Updated Report Navigation

We have redesigned the app navigation this month, to make it easier to find and access reports and pages within the reports.

The side menu now features a nested approach, breaking up each module into several areas, so you can navigate directly to the section that matters to you.

This is then combined with a change in the report page navigation to be present on the top of each report, in a clearer design.

Altogether an easier experience when flicking between your reports.

Exporting Options

One of the features we have been asked for a lot is exporting reports for presentations, so we have now added this functionality to the top bar.

The download is available as either a png, pdf or ppt, and provides options around paging and filters, giving you control of what is downloaded.

The new export options will stop you from needing to screenshot images from the reports.


As part of our improved navigation, we have introduced bookmarking.

By adding a report as a favourite, you will be able to access it from anywhere within the application saving time in using the other menus.

Great for quickly getting to your favourite reports.


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