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Sontai App Update - Q4 '22

Today, we are pleased to release the latest update to our web application. This update includes many updates, including a new menu design, updated navigation, improved responsive design and several bug fixes.

New Menu Design

We are pleased to introduce a side menu to our application allowing for easy navigation between your dashboards. This menu opens and closes using the icons at the top of the page.

Updated Navigation

The biggest navigational difference is the improved visualisation of the application landing page, from which it is now easier to see your dashboard links.

The landing page now features additional links to our Support Form and to Stripe to manage your billing and payments, as well as a clearer log-out option from the top right.

NOTE: Billing and Payment information is available only to Account Admins.

Responsive Design

For this release, we have also improved the responsiveness of the app design ensuring that the app renders better across multiple screen sizes. This will improve the usability of the app when being used on smaller or larger screens.


At Sontai, we are always looking for feedback from our users to improve our dashboards and apps. If you have any ideas or comments then please let us know.


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