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Fully integrated reporting sped up decision-making and helped drive sales at NWH Group.

Data Integrations:

The Problem

With disconnected systems, and data stuck in silo's NWH Group struggled to view their customers effectively.

NWH Group, a fast-paced waste management company, recognised the importance of tracking operational and sales performance for their continued growth. However, they faced challenges as their data was trapped in multiple systems that were difficult to extract from and report on effectively. This resulted in the key figures for the business only being produced at the end of each month, leading to delayed decision-making and missed opportunities. Ultimately hindering their ability to drive efficiencies and sales growth.

Sontai built up an understanding of our business with impressive speed and delivered against our requirements, proving to be insightful and responsive throughout the requirement setting, build, training and support phases.
Andrew Baker
CIO, NWH Group
The Solution

Eliminating data silos and giving one source of the truth with fully integrated dashboards.

To address these challenges, Sontai collaborated with NWH Group's operations and sales teams to implement a solution that provided automated reports. These reports pulled key metrics and information directly from NWH Group's systems and databases, eliminating the need for manual intervention. By automating the reporting process, decision-making could happen much faster across the organisation, enabling NWH Group to drive efficiencies and sales growth.

Sontai also recognised that collecting data is only the first step towards driving efficiencies and growth. NWH Group had vast amounts of data across various areas of their business, but the slow processing and data stored in silos hindered their ability to react quickly and unlock the full potential of their data. Therefore, Sontai focused on automating the processing and merging of data from multiple systems. This allowed the sales and operational teams to visualise the business in new ways and uncover previously unseen value hidden within their data.

I would highly recommend Sontai for delivering and managing business reports.
Andrew Baker
CIO, NWH Group
The Results

Sontai helps NWH Group see all their data more clearly.

Through their collaboration with Sontai, NWH Group achieved significant results. The implementation of automated reports provided the organisation with timely and accurate insights into their operational and sales performance. With the ability to access key metrics directly from their systems and databases, NWH Group was able to make more informed decisions up to 40 days earlier than they could previously.

By automating the processing and merging of data, NWH Group's sales and operational teams also gained a fresh perspective on their business. They were able to visualise the data in new ways, identifying patterns, trends, and opportunities that were previously undiscovered. This newfound understanding and visibility allowed NWH Group to unlock previously unseen value from their data, driving efficiencies and supporting further growth.

Overall, Sontai's solution empowered NWH Group to overcome the challenges of trapped data and slow processing. With automated reporting and enhanced data visualisation, NWH Group was able to leverage their data effectively, make more informed decisions, and drive efficiencies and sales growth.

Reports delivered to the business 40 days earlier.
Improved Customer relationships and increased sales.
Improved Customer relationships and increased sales.
Better data governance leading to more informed decisions.
Better data governance leading to more informed decisions.
Take Action Today

Put data silos in the bin, just like NWH Group.

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