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How Tack Room Distillery saved over 350 Hours Per Year Saved with Sontai's Prebuilt Dashboards.

Data Integrations:

The Problem

Tack Room Distillery were crippled with copy and pasting into spreadsheets.

Tack Room Distillery, as a start-up in the spirits industry, understood the crucial role that sales and inventory management played in the success of their business. However, relying on spreadsheets for data management proved to be a challenging and inefficient process.

The team struggled with complex spreadsheets that were difficult to manage and update, leading to frustration and wasted time. Additionally, the data presented in these spreadsheets did not provide a clear and comprehensive view of the distillery's operations, hindering effective decision-making.

Excellent service and listened to my requirements to build an excellent scorecard.

It's Easy to use with clear and concise data provided at the touch of a button.
Tim Bisson
Founder, Tack Room Distillery
The Solution

Sontai brings all the Tack Room Distillery data together for maximum efficiency.

Recognising the need for a more efficient and reliable solution, Tack Room Distillery turned to Sontai.

Sontai's expertise in business intelligence and data visualization was applied to centralise Tack Room Distillery's reporting, ensuring that data silos were eliminated and all relevant information could be accessed from a single location.

Sontai recommended the implementation of interactive dashboards and reports, which offered a user-friendly interface for visualising and analysing the distillery's sales, purchases, and inventory management.

To fully leverage the valuable purchase and sales data collected across the organization, Sontai collaborated with Tack Room Distillery to create customised dashboards tailored to their unique needs. These dashboards not only presented the data but also incorporated additional metric calculations and key performance indicators (KPIs). By enhancing the interpretation of the data, management could quickly gain valuable insights and metrics that were directly relevant to their decision-making processes.

The simple to use Sontai reports have been invaluable.

The reports are helping my business grow from strength to strength.

I don’t know where I would be without it!
Tim Bisson
Founder, Tack Room Distillery
The Results

Sontai helps Tack Room Distillery see their sales more clearly.

The collaboration between Sontai and Tack Room Distillery yielded significant results. The implementation of the centralised reporting system and interactive dashboards provided a clear and comprehensive view of the distillery's operations. This new approach to data management eliminated the frustrations and challenges associated with spreadsheets, leading to improved efficiency and productivity within the organisation.

With the availability of accurate and consolidated data, Tack Room Distillery experienced enhanced data awareness throughout different levels of the organisation. The management team now had access to a single point of truth, allowing them to make informed decisions based on real-time information. The easily accessible and visually engaging dashboards empowered the team to track sales, analyse performance, and manage inventory effectively.

Through comprehensive reporting and improved data interpretation, Tack Room Distillery not only saw operational improvements but also witnessed a positive impact on its sales. The combination of streamlined processes, accurate insights, and informed decision-making ultimately led to increased sales figures and revenue growth for the distillery.

Overall, the collaboration with Sontai enabled Tack Room Distillery to overcome the challenges associated with spreadsheet-based reporting. With a centralised reporting system and interactive dashboards, the distillery has positioned itself for success in managing its sales, inventory, and overall business growth.

350+ hours saved per year through automation.
+13% Increase in revenue growth.
+13% Increase in revenue growth.
+8% increase in inventory turnover by optimising stock levels.
+8% increase in inventory turnover by optimising stock levels.
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