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Maximise Your Business Potential with a custom Sage Dashboard

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Sontai is trusted by brands all over the world.
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How we work with your Sage Data

What we do with your data.

The Sontai Sage connection automatically reads and processes your customer, product and sales data from Sage and presents it back in our easy-to-use dashboards.

  • One Click Connection - Simple authentication with Sage with no code or technical knowledge required.

  • Automatic Processing - No manual tasks are needed to get your data into your Sage dashboards.

  • Merge with Other Sources - Your Sage data is automatically combined with your other sales channels.

How we use your data.

Once your data has been processed you can take advantage of your own custom Sage dashboards.

  • Easy to understand Visuals - Clear and informative charts that anyone can understand.

  • Calculated Measures - All the calculations are prebuilt so you don't have to know how the maths works.

  • One Source of the Truth - Bring your Sage data together with all your other systems to get to one number for your business.

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Let your Sage data benefit from the power of Sontai

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Fully Pre-built

All our dashboards are built and managed for you, so you don't have to worry about how to do it yourself.

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Controlled Access

Give access to only those who need it and protect it from those that don't.

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Integrate Everything

Bring together all your data sources into one place, no more data stuck in different systems.

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Unlimited Users

With no user limits, you can give everyone in your   organisation access at no extra cost.

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Automatic Updates

Get automated updates of your data. No need to lift a finger.

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Access From Anywhere

Don't be limited by device. Check your reports from anywhere on any device.


Avoid getting stuck with complex reporting in Sage.

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Manual Processing

Without Sontai you will need to manually download data and process it into something meaningful.

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Siloed Analysis

Don't miss out on the bigger picture by only looking at your data one system at a time.

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Complicated Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can hold a lot of information, but they don't make analysis easy.  Make your data accessible to everyone.

Paired Data Integrations

Connect your Amazon sales directly to your Sontai dashboard and see it merged with your other sales channels.


Effortlessly combine your Shopify sales with all your other sales channels to gain a comprehensive understanding of performance.


Get valuable insights from your WooCommerce sales as well as a holistic view of all your sales channels.

What our clients have to say

Sontai has step changed how we view and understand our business performance.


Sontai has enabled us to integrate all of our business and finance models which gives us ease of access to our data, all in one place.

Neil H

Super easy to setup and gives a great overview of what's happening across several sales channels.

Mehdi B

The simple to use Sontai reports have been invaluable.  This will help my business grow from strength to strength. 


I don’t know where I would be without it!

Tim B

Sontai gives us an amazing quick glance overview of our business and key KPIs.


So much easier than logging into dozens of different systems!

Rob E

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