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Why Data Visualisation is Beneficial for your Business?

Companies around the world use data analytics to identify patterns and trends to gain further insight into their target audiences and base their business decisions on these findings to propel them to success and improved performance.

Storytelling Through Data

In business intelligence, exploring these invaluable user interactions takes the form of data visualisation. Data visualisation presents raw data through graphical representations that allow viewers to wander through data much like a motion picture uncovering plot twists and revelling in the discovery of something new.

This visual medium allows for easier consumption of data than that of raw reports. In terms of data solutions, it’s easier and allows you to quickly and effectively make decisions.

When you visualise data, it is necessary to determine what you plan to communicate to choose the right visuals to convey your message simply. Visualisation can paint you a picture that highlights which areas of your business require attention and improvement.

The Benefits of Getting a Visual

Better Analysis

Data visualisation helps business stakeholders analyse reports regarding sales, marketing strategies, and product interest. Then, based on the analysis, they can focus on the areas that require attention to increase profits, making the business more productive.

Quick Action

The human brain grasps visuals easier than table reports. Data visualisations allow decision-makers to be notified quickly of new data insights and take the necessary actions to stimulate business growth.

Identifying Patterns

Large amounts of complex data can provide many opportunities for insights when we visualise them. Visualisation allows businesses to recognise relationships between the data, giving a more significant purpose to it. Exploring these patterns helps you focus on specific areas that require attention within the data and identify the significance of these areas to drive your business forward.

Finding Errors

Visualising your data helps quickly detect any errors in the data. For example, if the data doesn't match with expectations, visualisations help reveal erroneous data to be swiftly removed from the data analysis and the data input corrected.

Understanding the Story

Storytelling is always the purpose of visualisation. By presenting your visuals in a meaningful way, you help your target audience grasp the concept in a single glance. Always be sure to convey a simple tale without overly complicated visuals.

Exploring Business Insights

In the current competitive business climate, finding data correlations using visual representations is paramount to identify business insights. Furthermore, exploring these insights is vital for you to set out along a path where fortune favours your business success.

Grasping the Latest Trends

Using data visualisation, you can discover the latest developing trends within your business. This allows you to identify problems before they arise and adapt to improve your business. By staying on top of trends, you can focus on increasing the profits for your business.

How Data Visualization Works

Data visualisation involves handling copious amounts of data converted into meaningful bite size visual elements using widgets. At Sontai, our data analytics services use Power BI to help tell data stories and unlock the power within data. Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence tool from Microsoft, that enables anyone from your business to visualise and analyse data with ease, on any device, at any time.

Power BI has been recognised as an industry-leading data analytics platform by Gartner for 13 consecutive years now. That’s the kind of consistency, and excellence most can only dream of.

So if you are tired of updating spreadsheets and the time it takes to keep your data even remotely organised? We can not only help save you from your data nightmares, but we can also guide you to identify new opportunities in your existing database.

You are sitting on buried treasure without the shovel big enough to dig it up. Discover untold riches today when you start utilising your data with our powerhouse analytics.

Contact us to learn more.


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