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How much does spreadsheet reporting really cost?

Every day, businesses worldwide will update reports to get information so they can make informed decisions.

The problem is that many of them use spreadsheets to do this.

Updating spreadsheets every day takes time. It takes time to download raw data from systems. Time to copy and paste this raw data into a spreadsheet. Time to check the calculations are working. And even time in sending out notifications that the reports are updated or solving issues with formulae going wrong.

The more complex the report, the longer it takes to update them.

At Sontai we help companies remove the pain of spreadsheet based reporting, by automating the processes and providing insightful visuals that can help drive business decisions.

But, many companies don't always see a problem with their spreadsheets, and can't see the return on the investment they could make with our solutions.

So, we have built a calculator so that you can see how much the manual reporting in your business actually costs you.

Our Reporting Cost Calculator

So, what does this mean?

Based on even the most basic reports taking only a handful of minutes to run each day, it's easy to see how this adds up. 15 mins per day, which isn't really that much, can cost a business nearly two weeks of time over the course of a year.

The average business spends around an hour each day updating reports. This works out to be 37 days per year, which is nearly two months of working days!

All of these days have a cost. The base salary of someone skilled in updating spreadsheets isn't likely to be minimum wage. And more than likely updating reports every day isn't the main output that you're looking for from them.

What else could you do with all this time back in your business?

The total cost of updating spreadsheet reports can be huge for any business. and by adding back in value to other tasks you can realise so much more

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about how Sontai can save your business the pain of working with spreadsheet reporting? Then talk to us today to book your free demo.


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