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April 2023 - App Update

This months app update includes:

1. Updated Admin Console

2. Improved Customer Search

3. Redesigned Product & Customer Views

4. General Bug Fixes

Updated Admin Console

This month we have added new sections to the Admin Console, so if you're an admin you can now access these new and updated features:

  • Billing and Payments

  • Data Management

  • Custom Objects

Billing & Payments

The Billing & Payments section gives you access to all of your invoices and payments through the Stripe Customer Portal.

Data Management

New for this month you can now see a complete list of your data sources and their current update status. So if you want to check when your data was last refreshed in the reports you can see it here.

Custom Objects

Also added this month is the Custom Objects section, which contains all the information about custom groups and custom cost prices. These mapping tables show the information that is coming directly from the data as well as any customisations that you have made, so you can see exactly what is happening to your data.

Redesigned Product and Customer Views

Within the Sales Performance Analysis, we have redesigned the Product and Customer views to increase the visibility of the key metrics and charts. By making these changes we have been able to not only increase the size of some of the charts, but we have also been able to increase the functionality and cross-filtering between the charts.

These redesigned elements will help you analyse your data faster than before, leading you to drive actions faster.

General Bug Fixes

As usual, we have also implemented some background fixes and front-end design tweaks to ensure that your reports are running as well as possible and are as intuitive as possible to use.

If you find any bugs in the system, don't forget to report them so we can fix them.


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