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May 2023 - App Update

This month's app update includes:

1. New Date Filters

2. Updated KPI Designs

3. Background Speed Enhancements

4. General Bug Fixes

New Date Filters

Earlier this year we changed the date filtering experience in the app to provide more flexibility and allow you to pick dates for your analysis. But this change didn't fit the mark as much as we would have liked, and based on feedback we have now updated the date filter experience to provide the flexibility that everyone wants.

So, now you can pick from a list of predefined commonly used time periods, making it quick and easy to pick periods like this month, this year or the last 30 days. But we have also kept the option of picking any date range you want.

The best of both worlds.

And all driven by user feedback!

Updated KPI Designs

One of the areas that we want to continually improve is readability. For us, having easy-to-read charts and visuals is one of the most important things about Sontai.

So, this month, we have redesigned the KPI Cards on the Sales Overview page, to improve the way they display on the page and as well as providing some additional colour formatting.

These redesigned elements will help you analyse your data faster than before, leading you to drive actions faster.

Background Speed Enhancements

As well as having visually appealing reports we need to ensure that the reports respond quickly to any interactions that are made.

After all, no one likes waiting around.

So, this month we have been making changes in the background to improve how the data is read by the reports which in turn improves the front-end speed of the reports, keeping your analysis moving as fast as possible.

General Bug Fixes

As usual, we have also implemented some background fixes and front-end design tweaks to ensure that your reports are running as well as possible and are as intuitive as possible to use.

If you find any bugs in the system, don't forget to report them so we can fix them.


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