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Sontai January 2023 App Update

We are pleased to release the latest updates to the Sontai dashboards! This release contains new features across the platform which have primarily been driven by user comments and feedback, including new report views, hyperlinks, data pickers, tooltips and some background bug fixes.

New: Channels view for Sales Overview

One of the things missing from the Sales Overview was the ability to see the performance of the different sales channels side by side. Whilst you could adjust the filters to see one channel at a time this wasn't ideal.

Therefore we have introduced a new panel onto the Sales Overview page, which contains the channel level as well as improved navigation between the report sections.

As with the Product and Customer Sections, you will also be able to view the sales trend and key metrics for any selections that are made in this section.

New: Activity Detail view in CRM Report

Whilst the opening Activity Overview on the CRM report provides a visual representation of all activity which can be filtered to individual users or companies, it wasn't possible to have a simple comparison of activity across users.

The new Activity Detail view provides a table view of all users from the CRM platform and a complete breakdown of activity types. As with all tables, this view can be sorted to show each column ranked either ascending or descending to help identify performance.

Hyperlinks in the CRM Report

One of the challenges that users were facing with the CRM report was being able to follow tasks or deals through from the reports back into the CRM itself. This meant that time and momentum were lost when navigating and searching between Sontai and connected CRM.

The new hyperlinks available in CRM have now solved this issue.

Hyperlinks have been added to both the Task Detail view and the Opportunity Detail view as well as a button on the Opportunity Overview page. Each link will open the task or opportunity directly inside the CRM. This means that you can identify something of interest in the report and then navigate through to add comments and actions directly in the CRM.

Making Date Selections Easier

Whilst the previous date picker was built using natural language, i.e. 'Last 3 Months', it was difficult to identify specific date ranges that users wanted to see. So, to make things easier, we have updated the date selections on all reports.

With the date pickers, you can now make more granular selections of specific dates, allowing you to pick any range of dates, from a single day to a couple of years, and everything in between.

Tooltips Improvement

The tooltips are available on charts by hovering over a data point and they reveal additional information. In this update, we have updated the additional information shown within these tooltips to add additional context.

The information on each tooltip is different depending on the report or chart that you are looking at, but they are all designed to enhance the ease with which you can receive information about what you are looking at.


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