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Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards: Your Ultimate Tool for Data-Driven Success

Man using Sontai Category Dashboard on Mac

Welcome to the exciting launch of Sontai's new Category Performance Dashboards!

We are thrilled to introduce a powerful tool designed to revolutionise the way businesses track and analyse their Category Performance Market data.

At Sontai, our mission is to provide innovative reporting solutions that empower organisations to make informed decisions and drive success.

The Importance of Performance Dashboards in Today's Business Landscape

In today's fast-paced business environment, having access to real-time data and insights is crucial. Performance dashboards play a vital role in helping companies monitor key metrics, identify trends, and make strategic decisions.

Dashboards provide a centralised platform for visualising complex data, enabling businesses to respond quickly to changes and opportunities.

With Sontai's new Category Performance Dashboards, we're offering a solution that not only meets these needs but also sets a new standard for the usability and functionality of your Market Data.

Understanding Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards

What Are Category Performance Dashboards?

Category Performance Dashboards are advanced tools designed to provide comprehensive insights into the epos category data that companies purchase from providers like Nielsen IQ or Circana (IRI) (See all of Sontai's Data Integrations)

These dashboards present detailed and complicated data in an easy-to-understand, visual format. They help businesses track key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor market trends, and make data-driven decisions.

With Sontai's dashboards, users can quickly interact with predefined time periods, set specific metrics, and generate reports that highlight the most critical aspects of their operations.

Why Category Performance Dashboards Matter

In today's competitive market, having a clear understanding of your business performance is essential. Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards offer several significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: By providing interactive and detailed analytics, these dashboards enable businesses to make informed decisions quickly.

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated data processing and visualisation reduce the time and effort required to compile and interpret performance reports. No more manually creating excel based reports to share with the business.

  • Improved Accountability: Clear visibility into performance metrics fosters a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within the organisation.

  • Proactive Management: Identifying trends and anomalies early allows businesses to address issues before they become critical problems, ensuring smoother operations and better outcomes.

Who Is the Dashboard For?

Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards are designed for a wide range of users across an FMCG / Consumer Goods business, including:

  • Business Executives and Managers: Gain a high-level overview of market performance and drill down into specific areas for more detailed analysis.

  • Account Managers: Track detailed sales trends, and competitor activity to optimise strategies and drive growth.

  • Operations and Supply Chain Managers: Monitor market trajectories and customer trends to optimise supply chain performance, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

  • Financial Analysts: Access detailed metrics and trends to support budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning.

With the Sontai Category Performance Dashboards business users will be able to answer most of their questions about your Nielsen or Circana (IRI) data, reducing ad-hoc queries being asked of Category Managers

Key Features and Functionalities

Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards are packed with features designed to meet the diverse needs of its users:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Remove complications with metric selections and controls with an intuitive design that allows users to easily navigate and interact with their dashboards to suit their specific requirements.

  • Up to Date Insights: Say goodbye to version control issues and waiting days to update the data. Give your business instant access to the latest data ensures that decisions are based on the most current information available.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Detailed performance metrics and advanced data visualization tools, such as graphs and charts, help users quickly interpret complex data.

  • Integration Capabilities: Easily import new data for automatic processing, and easily export chart and visuals as needed, enhancing overall efficiency and connectivity within your organization.

By leveraging Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards, businesses can unlock the full potential of their market data, drive better performance, and achieve their strategic objectives with greater confidence and clarity.


Want to learn more? Discover all the features and benefits Sontai has to offer.


How to Use Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards

Getting Started

To begin using Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign Up to our Free Trial:

  • Visit the Sontai website and sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial of the Category Performance Dashboard.

  • Once registered, log in with your credentials.

Screenshot of Sontai Sign Up Screen

2. Initial Setup:

  • Upon your first login, you'll be guided through the Sontai interface. This includes useful features like navigating the reports.

  • You will then have access to the Demo Report which showcases of all the same functionality you would have on your own report.

Screenshot of Sontai Coachmarks

Navigating the Dashboards

Once set up, you'll find that navigating Sontai's dashboards is intuitive and user-friendly:


  • The main dashboard screen displays an overview of your key performance metrics. This is your central hub for monitoring business performance at a glance.

Screenshot of Sontai Category Dashboard

Channels / Segments / Brands:

  • The dashboard is divided into sections for different focus areas. Easily switch between views to focus on specific areas.

  • Each section comes with a series of charts that can be

Screenshot of Sontai Category Dashboard Charts

Deep Dive Report:

  • As well as the Category Analysis Report, there is a Category Deep Dive report available from the menu, which provides more detailed analysis for those who want to go a little further.

Screenshot of Sontai Category Deep Dive Report


Start your free trial today and see how Sontai's Category Performance Dashboards can revolutionise your business!


Interacting with Your Dashboard

Easily adapt the dashboard to meet your unique needs with various interactive options:


  • At the top of each page you can apply filters, including Time Periods, Channels, Segments or Brands, filtering all the charts to your seelctions.

  • Each chart is then referenced with the data selections you have made, so everyone knows what was picked.


  • Many charts can be changed between Value Sales, Value Share, Volume Sales, Volume Share, Unit Sales and Unit Share, giving users the flexibility to see the metrics that matter.

  • There are also 40+ Metrics available in the detail table, including Rate of Sale and Distribution Metrics which can be added to the available grid view.

% Change or Actual Change:

  • Any charts showing Change can be changed to show either % Change or an Actual Change, so you aren't limited to one or the other, nor do you have to have two charts.


  • Each chart can be exported individually to Excel for further analysis as needed.

  • You can also download a whole report page to either PowerPoint or PDF, making it easy to share the data with others easy.

Screenshot of Sontai Category Dashboard Chart Optoins


Sontai's new Category Performance Dashboards are designed to transform how businesses track and analyse their category performance data from providers like Nielsen or Circana (IRI). These dashboards offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface, with comprehensive data insights and robust integration capabilities.

By leveraging these powerful tools, businesses can enhance decision-making, improve efficiency, foster accountability, and manage operations proactively.


Discover how our innovative solution can help you unlock the full potential of your data and drive your business to new heights.


At Sontai, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We are already working on exciting new features and updates to further enhance the functionality and usability of our dashboards.

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming developments, and join our user community to share your feedback and ideas.


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